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White alabaster is one of the few natural industrial minerals that enjoys the ornamental adjective.

White alabaster which are known in nature are: gypseous alabaster and calcareous alabaster, whose chemical-mineralogical compositions and physical properties are completely different.




The gypseous alabaster, or just alabaster, is a rare variety of gypsum (CaSO4 · 2H2O) of secondary origin. Its appearance is compact and consists of tiny crystals of gypsum. Its physical properties (translucency, density, hardness, color…) give this kind of alabaster some peculiar ornamental characteristics which are the reasons of its commercialization.

The use of white alabaster can be applied in the design of columns, walls, bar counters, shelves, tables, domes, panels, space dividers, bars, countertops, tables, etc.

The backlit alabaster produces amazing effects and allows the creation of different environments depending on the type of lighting used.

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