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The use of alabaster as translucent building material allows the passage of light, either natural or artificial, offering extraordinarily beautiful effects and contributing to creating cosy and exclusive spaces.

Traslucent building materials Alabaster cathedral

For special projects, we can cater alabaster in line with our customers’ needs, originality, design, sizes…

Traslucent building materials Alabaster special projects

Also the use of this traslucent building material as brick walls have a triple function: firstly, as enclosures; secondly they enable interiors to be illuminated with natural light thanks to the stone’s translucent nature; their third function is to irradiate artificial illumination outwards.

Traslucent building materials Alabaster building materials

ARASTONE supplies the finished translucent material and can adapt it to detailed projects and drawings in relation to designs, sizes, colours, thickness, shape and technical specifications.

Traslucent building materials Alabaster sheets
Traslucent building materials Alabaster stone construction

The highly translucent nature of some of our varieties means that it is possible to use alabaster like glass in doors and windows. When combined with other numerous materials the effect produced is of great aesthetic appeal.

Traslucent building materials Alabaster glazings

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