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Onyx stone

Onyx stone, also known as onyx marble or onyx limestone, is a mineral regarded as semi-precious stone, although according to the International Mineralogical Association is not accepted as a mineral, but a variety agate or chalcedony. Is composed of silica (silicon oxide, SiO2). Onyx stone it is mainly used in jewelry and decorative items, such as cameos, due to its attractive green tones and the quality of its polish.

There are four varieties of onyx stone:

  • Green Onyx stone: translucent and green shades, the darker shade is the most precious. It usually has brown veins.
  • San Martín’s Onyx stone: opaque, brown and reddish colors. Presents bands of different intensities, and its extreme hardness allows a perfect polish.
  • Onixtin: onyx stone which have materials of both varieties.
  • Aragonite: whitish or greyish, where the fibers are thicker than previous varieties.

Onyx stone has a volcanic origin, caused by accumulation of volcanic gases. Onyx stone is similar to alabaster, but with different properties.

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Onyx stone
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