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The backlit alabaster ensures an amazingly delicious effect and its natural look has captivated designers for centuries. It is valued for its soft colors of cream and gold and nowadays it is used in projects in which an exclusive decoration is sought.

Backlit alabaster
The use of backlit alabaster can be applied in the design of columns, walls, bars, shelves, tables, domes, panels, space dividers, bars, countertops, tables, etc.

The light is reflected through the translucent panel allowing a unique form of decoration in spaces such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, resorts, casinos, creating distinctive and unique environments.

The backlit alabaster allows to design environmental changes either with the use of an ethereal light, or adding a dramatic or appeased effect and pleasant for its users, depending on the time of day.

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The backlit of the alabaster can be made with different types of light:

  • Fluorescent lighting with adjustable intensity is ideal for spaces where different environments are intended depending on the time of day. You can apply a more intense light during the day and tenuous during the night.
  • With LED lighting strips you can create different effects of brightness and colors, achieving a futuristic and modern effect and are economical and durable.
  • With low voltage lighting it is a practical and cost-effective way to illuminate spaces offering a warm backlight in decoration projects,

At Arastone we work on request, customizing orders so that the pieces adapt to the specific requirements of each project. We have our own quarries as well as industrial facilities that allow us to carry out all kinds of transformations and meet the deadlines established to supply the parts.

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Backlited alabaster.

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