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Alabaster lamp for decoration. Arastone

The uses of alabaster stone as traslucent building material, are determined by its features: it must always be used indoors, or protected against of rain, sometimes it is used to facilitate the entrance of daylight thanks to its translucency. Due to its relative scarcity and the size of the boulders, its use has been limited, which now revolves round the creation of small artistic objects.

The use of new techniques in the treatment of the stone, along with its use in combination with other materials, has diversified the market for alabaster stone, which focuses on the following fields:

Alabaster stone uses. ArastoneSculpture. Arts and crafts are the oldest and noblest applications that humans have given to this material. The beautiful appearance of alabaster stone after polishing makes it similar to marble, to which it compares favourably in various respects: it is easier to sculpt and stain, and it offers the possibility of creating translucent effects. Conversely, it has the drawback that it must not be exposed to water without having been treated first.

Lighting. The use of cold light bulbs enhances the warmth of alabaster’s translucent effect.

Interior Design. In interior design, the current trend is combining alabaster with other materials so that it has become by now an important element in decorative lighting, objects and furniture. The existing protection treatments against moisture or wear, together with new laying techniques, have increased the range of applications for alabaster stone.

Architecture. Thanks to its translucency, alabaster offers a wide range of possible new applications when used in combination with new materials or building techniques, and it still offers plenty of scope for experimentation.

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