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In ARASTONE, we provide alabaster panels in different formats that can be adapted to any surface. We develop the pieces under the necessary requirements depending on the type of project and it’s implementation.

Alabaster panels for construction.

Alabaster panels from Arastone. Alabaster for construction.

Our panels are cut with the required sizes, width, height, and thickness following the necessary requirements for any construction project. This panels are perfect for areas with natural lighting, as facades, landings, skylights, bathrooms …

Alabaster panels

Alabaster panels by Arastone.

We also have alabaster panels with laminated glass. Our measures are not standard as we work under the ordered requirements, and complying with the specifications of our customers.

Alabaster panels laminated with glass

Alabaster panels laminated with glass.

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In the following example, you can see the effect of the alabaster panels allowing the light going through the stone panels and producing an extraordinary effect.

Alabaster panels

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