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Here we are to talk about alabaster for carving. Let us say you that we are international alabaster suppliers but also, lovers of this beautifull alabaster material. The alabaster with the best quality is coming from Aragón. Have a look to our post: Aragon is a mine. Also, as maybe you already know, one of the main features that make the alabaster such appreciated is the fact that it is translucent. The relative softness of this material allows it to be even with the nail styling.


Cut into thin sheets, alabaster is translucent enough to be usable as “glass” in small windows. He was employed with this use in some medieval churches, especially in Italy. More recently, it was abundantly resorted to it for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, consecrated in 2002. A special cooling device prevents panels become opaque under the influence of heat.

Much of the world’s alabaster extraction is performed in Aragon (Spain), in the Valle del Ebro (Zaragoza), in places like Gelsa, Fifth, Fuentes de Ebro, Azaila, La Puebla de Híjar and in Albalate del Arzobispo. The operation is done by quarries, which destroy the landscape causing serious environmental impact, since there is no easy restoration in such an arid climate. As a mineral very soluble in water, the relief is easily eroded. It is exported other than in developed parts in large quantities in rough blocks for fake jade prized in Asia  and the Arab world, by a process that hardens and dyed in different colors.

In this vídeo you can see how the alabaster is extracted in Arastone quarries. This material is extracted around 40 meters under the earth.




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