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The alabaster we market comes from our own quarries

1Alabaster occurs in the form of veins that appear in outcrops on the surface or underground.


2Alabaster combines the translucent properties of glass with the natural texture of stone.


3The characteristics of this stone, among which we can highlight its malleability, translucency and exclusive nature.


4Make each stone an original, unrepeatable piece, due to its natural origin.



The translucent nature of it allows the passage of light, either natural or artificial, offering extraordinarily beautiful effects and contributing to creating cosy and exclusive spaces.

ARASTONE is a company that has been dedicated to alabaster for two generations. We have our own quarries and facilities, as well as industrial premises that enable us to carry out all types of transformations and to meet the deadlines established for supplying finished pieces. Our reliability has been amply demonstrated in the many large-scale projects we have carried out to date.

The size of our quarries enables us to extract different types of stone, so we can offer different types of alabaster

Convention Madrid

Court Valladolid

Trim Architecture Madrid

Cathedral The Angels







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The stone that bewitches light.